Award Winners

Best Handwork - for reproduction of a John Goddard Tea Table - 2015 Northern Woods Show

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Best Handwork - for reproduction of a French Open Arm Chair - 2012 Northern Woods Show

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Best Carving - for reproduction of the Gratz Family Highboy - 2011 Northern Woods Show

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Best Traditional Design - for repoduction of Waln-Ryerss QA side chair - 2008 Northern Woods Show.

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Best Handwork - for reproduction of the Gardiner Greene serpentine Bombé chest of drawers - 2007 Northern Woods Show

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Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements

"I just received his book today.   My reaction, Wow!   Tony has the ability to explain complicated things clearly."   - Frank M.   Chester, VA

"I've found this to be a well written book that will become invaluable for those seeking specific instruction on how to carve these major elements found on American period furniture."   - Ross C.   Port Richey, FL

"I got your book yesterday and love it.   The really detailed instructions and pictures are fantastic."   - Ed G.   Hickory, NC

"I think that you make it perfectly clear how to approach these period carvings.   With these explanations and excellent pictures … the instructions are about as clear and precise as they can be."   - Paul W.   Providence, RI

"Ample photographs as well as diagrams and templates supplement the technical how-to descriptions.   I find the author's tips for sequencing the cuts … to be particularly helpful."   - Mark A.   Sunbury, OH

"Full color photography on almost every page (plus layout diagrams and more) … a beautiful how-to guide that lives up to its title.   The user-friendly instructions make Carving 18th Century American Furniture Elements a "must-have" for any dedicated woodworker looking to put their skills to the test in a period piece."   - Midwest Book Review

"I think your book is great.   The photos are exceptional.   The choice of projects is exactly what I would be looking for.   I like the way you give some introductory remarks before getting into the actual process.   I can't remember a project book that meets such a high standard."   - Richard C.   Stillwater, MN

"Your book is fantastic.   Where was it five years ago when I had to learn those concepts on my own!"   - David F.   Medina, OH

"I cannot say enough good things about your book.   With that book I was able to carve an acceptable ball and claw foot … on the first shot.   I had printed off every article ever appearing in FWW on the matter and they all seem to leave something out.   So your book was integral to me being able to do this.   Thank you." - Bruce L.   Alexandria, VA

"I just read through your carving book ... I think it is masterfully done.   The text, task breakdown and photos are supurb.   In my opinion, this is the best book on traditional period element carving that I have seen ... and I have seen them all.   It should be the benchmark to which the others are compared." - Mark L.   Oak Grove, MN

"Tony is excellent at describing how and why of carving. I never really "got it", when doing a ball and claw how to locate the top of the ball. His book gave me an explanation that was easy to follow and understand." - Ken J.   Marietta, GA

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Selected for Directory of Traditional American Crafts 2005 - 2013 ® by Early American Life magazine.

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Authored "Carving a Philadelphia Flame Finial" in 2008 edition of the SAPFM Journal